Book of Golden Deeds presented to Todd Howder

Golden Deeds 6-15-16 2
Book of Golden Deeds: Todd Howder was presented with the Book of Golden Deeds. Todd was instrumental in bringing the Air Show back to our community and making sure the money raised was given to local charities which include the veterans and the prevention of child abuse. This was an event held by the Vero Beach and Ft. Pierce Exchange Clubs.

It was not done for many years and Todd had a dream to bring it back and also to have the Blue Angels perform.Golden Deeds 6-15-16 It worked and the whole community is a better place for his great effort. We congratulate Todd for making a dream come true and having it touch so many lives in our community.

About the Book of Golden Deeds: Volunteer efforts are very important to our society and should not go unnoticed. The National Exchange Club’s longest running project, the Book of Golden Deeds Award, recognizes dedicated volunteers who give endless hours of their time and talents toward making their communities better places to live. Ever since the Exchange Club of Huntington, Ind., sponsored the first award in 1919, thousands of unsung heroes and heroines have been recognized. (